We share your needs by customizing our products

The company Frujo a.s., as an established and significant European supplier of food ingredients, develops, produces and markets a wide range of sophisticated components, semi-products and mixtures. These items are successfully applied in a range of well known types of food final products.

  • dairy products
  • deep-frozen creams, industrial and soft ice-cream
  • fruit lemonades, syrups, mineral waters, nectars and many other kinds of beverages
  • fatty industry products, delicatessen, cold meals
  • confectionery and bakery products
  • products for gastronomy and ready-meal industry

For finishing these products we offer

With regard to the consistency and rheological properties of our products, there is a wide scale of forms – there are liquids or syrups which can be pumped; they may be of plastic consistency, may be soft or hard gels, may contain hard inclusions; and there are also powder forms with various sizes of particles.

The remarkably wide collection of such food semi-products made by the company Frujo a. s. is regularly supplemented by new items. Our projects are always organized in respect to their final applications at the individual food-processing operators.

The development experts, who are in charge of the recipes, make use of their experience from various application environments. At the same time, they fully respect the marketing invention of sales people, sensory requirements of customers, and singularities of fundamentally different technologies.