Introducing the company FRUJO a.s., Tvrdonice; established 1990.

historie-frujoThe company FRUJO a.s. was set up as the first central European specialized operation producing food semi-products treated in an aseptic processes for the dairy industry.

At the end of 1993, its production program was enlarged by another operation for emulsions and bases and the company became an important supplier for the new segment of soft non-alcoholic beverages and syrup producers.

On the basis of accumulated know-how and experience, the company continued to expand its operation in semi-products for the segment of the deep-frozen cream industry. Thus the company penetrated into new markets and acquired a new segment of renowned customers.

Another important milestone of the company´s history was in the year 2000 with its success in the "know-how" for the production of vegetable components treated in aseptic processes, which marked an important enlargement of its product range towards salty and savory applications.

Emerging trends of modern and healthy/wellness lifestyles required an appropriate and swift response to new developments within the food-processing industry and the provision of the highest available quality - BIO products for this new and quickly growing segment of the food market. A successful launch was started as early as 2006 with its first BIO-quality certified products.

The company Frujo a.s., in the course of its relatively short history, has established itself in the ranks of reliable suppliers of semi-products applicable in nearly all spheres of the food-processing industry across an area of more than 20 European countries.

FRUJO - major historical milestones

  • 1990-company established
  • 1991-launch of aseptic components production
  • 1993-expansion of production technology for emulsions and bases
  • 2000-launch of vegetable components production
  • 2003-new plant "TOJE" began operation ( powder mixtures– salt/savory and sweet)
  • 2006-BRC certification
  • 2006-BIO certification
  • 2009-IFS certification