Company profile

FRUJO, a.s. is a renowned producer of semi-products applied in many segments of the food industry.

The company is located in a picturesque environment with well preserved fauna and flora in the vicinity of Tvrdonice. The area is a well known vine growing and agricultural area of the Břeclav district. Frujo a.s. has a unique setting in the middle of Europe and near the axis Prague-Bratislava-Vienna.

The company Frujo does its best to influence the domestic and foreign markets with never ending innovations for its customers. Mutual business cooperation with the sales people and the end-users boosts our creativity. We take care of our customers and want to gather as much feedback from the end-users as possible, because their success is our success as well.

The Frujo company's success is based on a strong development potential, on modern sophisticated technologies and elaborated know-how. Our transparent business policy is based on our flexible response to the market environment and on our observance of the market.

Frujo a.s. interlinks various segments of the food-processing industry

For these food-processing segments of both sweet and salt/savory production, we provide an ever-growing and innovating range of semi-products: fruit components, vegetable components, caramel, chocolate and other non-fruit components, various types of fillings, toppings, pastes, emulsions, bases, concentrates, syrups and powder mixtures.

All members of our staff have things in common – knowledge, integrity and creativity. The company management is dedicated to setting objectives for the future of our company based on solid analysis of the market and our operation.