Fortified, functional, light, dia and celiac components

These product groups, because of their recipe compositions, are strictly focused on selected consumer segments mainly in respect to health aspects. They provide guaranteed properties for the customers and, importantly, they also bring them a wider variety of flavors. Among the most frequently used fortifying micronutrients we can find various combinations of vitamins and minerals (calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium), vegetable extracts (guarana, schizandrae, ginseng, green tea, ginkgo-biloba, sweet balm, elder-flower, hip, chamomile, grapevine , aloe-vera, stinking nettle...), solid and soluble dietary fiber (oligo-fructose, inulin, a wide range of cereals and vegetable fiber), non-saturated omega3 fatty acids (DHA, EPA, ALA), tonic substances (taurine, caffeine, guarana, schizandrae).

When a reduced energy-content of the foodstuff is required, it is possible to replace natural sweeteners (sucrose, glucose, fructose) with substitute sweeteners. The most commonly used agents are Aspartame and Acesulfame K.