Deep-frozen creams

For the segment of the industrial production of ice-creams and various family packages of deep-frozen creams, Frujo a.s. offers a range of sophisticated components which almost perfectly accommodate the conditions of these technological applications and the characteristics of the final frozen product.

In contrast to the components applied into the dairy industry, these components usually display more variable texture and much larger consistency variability. Apart from guaranteed dynamic viscosity, the size of the components' particles, often below 2 mm, is also a crucial parameter in order to meet the technical requirements of highly effective filling and decorating technology and equipment. Water activity control, texture and rheological properties of these components are critical for meeting sensory quality standards.

Maintaining the "freeze-thaw" stability is also very important, especially with larger family packages when the product may undergo melting while being transported home by customers. The individual layers of the product or particles of fruit mixed in the ice-cream could migrate during further freezing and storing.

Typical application categories of the components include various semi-products with controlled water activity such as: toppings and liquid syrups, ripples and layers, pencils and components with attractive fruit pieces. Further products deserving extra attention which also belong to this category of applications are: caramel and milk/toffee caramel.

Products made for various frozen creams and ice-cream